The County of Kauai deadline for correcting your tax classification is quickly approaching. Be sure to check your current Tax Classification to double check that you are in the correct use category as well as be on the lookout for the 2018-2019 Assessments that will be mailed in the near future. Below is a list of important dates to remember.

If you have any questions on your current Tax Classification or your Assessment or Market Value don’t hesitate to call me, Amy Frazier 808.639.9011 or Billy Eckert 808.212.6658

Important Dates

The fiscal year begins on July 1 and extends until the following June 30. Below are the important dates to remember:

Sept 30 Deadline for filing exemption claims and recordation of ownership documents Deadline for applying for additional home exemptions based on income

Oct 1 Date of Assessment for upcoming tax year

Dec 1 Assessment notices mailed

Dec 31 Deadline for assessment appeals

Jan 20 Second half year tax bills mailed

Feb 20 Second half tax year payments due

June 20 Tax Rate set by County Council

July 1 Tax year commences Deadline for filing dedication petitions

July 20 First half year tax bills mailed

Aug 20 First half tax payments due

For more information on Count of Kauai Property Tax Information visit Kauai's Real Property or to pick my brain contact Amy Frazier RS 808.639.9011. Visit Luxkauai